This is the most attractive alternative trek we offer. This program requires two days one night and involves a trek from Sembalun to Mount Pergasingan to the coast. Pergasingan is one of the steepest mountains around Sembalun and requires physical and mental preparation.

pergasingan hill sembalun
We will begin walking from Sembalun after breakfast at around 08.00 am and break for lunch at Sempronan, a resting area three quarters the way up the mountain. After lunch, we will continue our ascent for another two hours until we reach Dandulang, our campsite. After dinner, you are welcome to join our guide, who will go to the stream to set the Kodong family trek 1 (locally made fish trap).

At midnight, our guide will return to the stream to check the kodong, where hopefully there will be fish to accompany the rice at lunchtime. The walk from Pergasingan down to Obel-obel beach is challenging yet fascinating, Six hours of descent to the coast will take us through a thick rain forest, steep hills, grasslands, and a large variety of local flora and fauna.

A break for lunch will provide us with time to rest and eat the delicious fish caught by the Kodong. After the long descent, we will spend a few hours at the beach to soak up the beautiful views and smells of the sea before returning by car to Sembalun.