Rinjani Trekking summit package 2 days 1 night start from Sembalun to crater rim Sembalun and overnight then at 3 am start climb to the summit of Mount Rinjani and back down to Sembalun.

Rinjani trekking summit 2 days 1 night itinerary :
Arrive in Lombok: We will pick you up at Lombok airport, and transfer you to our office in Sembalun. Your trekking guide will give you a briefing to better prepare you for the trip, then check in hotel in Sembalun village.


Day 1: Rinjani trekking, Sembalun village(1150m) – Sembalun crater rim (2639m)
Wake up at 6:00am and get breakfast. After that, we’ll walk to Rinjani information center Sembalun village and register.
The trekking starts from sembalun village around 8:00am. We begin with a gentle ascent through open grassland. After about 2 hours walking, we’ll reach pos 1 (1300m), and another 40 mins to pos 2 (1500m). We will continue walking to pos 3 (1800m) and have lunch there.
After lunch and rest, we’ll head to sembalun crater rim (2639m). It takes 3 hours including a prolonged steep climb. We will camp the night at the crater rim. We can enjoy the awesome views of sunrise and sunset. On a clear day, we will be able to see the Milky Way.

Day 2 : Rinjani trekking, Sembalun crater rim(2639m)-Summit(3726m)-Sembalun village(1100m)
We are awakened around 2:00am under the cover of darkness with hot drinks and light breakfast. We’ll start heading to rinjani summit at 3:00am. We begin with a moderate climb, followed by a fairly easy but longer walk. The final approach to the summit involves a steep climb over loose volcanic scree.

Now it’s 6:00am. We can celebrate our accomplishment with the beautiful sunrise, and panoramic view of lombok island, bali island, sumbawa island and segara anak lake.

After that, we’ll descend back down to sembalun crater rim in 2 hours and have breakfast there. We’ll continue to descend to sembalun village, which takes 5 hours to reach. The car will take and transfer you to your next destination.
Rinjani trekking price including
-transport return(pick up and transfer)
-tour to Sembalun village before the trek
-A night accommodation in Sembalun village before the trek
-food and drink during the trek
-equipment:tent, sleeping bag,mattress, toilet tent.
-entrance fee for Rinjani national park

Rinjani Trekking price excluding :
-had lamp/hand torch
-small bag pack/daily bag
-trekking shoes
-trekking jacket
-extra porter for your own luggage
-aditional medicine

More information about Rinjani trekking summit package 2 days i night via Sembalun please contact us