Gili Kondo Island Camping Tour

Gili Kondo East Lombok is located in the waters of the District Sambelia (50km north of the city Selong) and can be achieved through Transat beach in Sub Sambelia (about 25 minutes) and the port of Labuan Kayangan Lombok (about 45 minutes). Although at the black sand beach Transat beach but in this gili and some surrounding white sand.

In this uninhabited small islands, we can enjoy the underwater world with a snorkel. Gili Kondo addition, there is also a Gili Petagan, Gili bidara and other bund located in the surrounding area and the islands is only a tourist destination.

gili kondo island

The best time for traveling to this small island is during the summer or mid-year. The waters around the small gilis is not too deep, the water is clear, clean, and waves were calm.

Activities that can be done in the Gili and the surrounding Gili Kondo.

1 Camping or tour in this gili like the feel of staying in a private island that provides a wonderful experience with family, friends or couples who just accompanied waves. For camping has available a camping area on this island.

2 Snorkling and sea bathing in the waters around small islands clean the underwater scenery is still beautiful of colorful coral reefs, you will find the species of fish are benign, and hundreds of unique species of fish, here are some black Nemo , a type of clown fish or Clown fish with a darker hue.

3 Fishing in the waters of this small island will be very exciting because it still has a lot of fish and bait can result in on the spot if the burn.

4 In the afternoon the walk around this small island along the white sand that surrounds the island area of ​​no more than 1 square km, while enjoying the afternoon sun with views towards Mount Rinjani Lombok which from a distance look tough towering pick sun to dusk.

Program to Gili Kondo:

1 One day around the islands around this small island by boat, snorkeling, fishing.
2 Two days one night camping on this small island, snorkeling, fishing, walk around the gili, and other small gili around the island by boat.

If you climb Mount Rinjani or the way do not forget to visit Lombok to Gili Kondo East Lombok and contact us if you require more detailed information.